Monday, March 9, 2009

I want the whole world to know..

That I love Gina and she is amazing and caring and helpful and magical and creative and knowledgeable and happy and kind and strong and gentle and brave and courageous and beautiful and hot.

I can't win

*The following names have been changed to protect the guilty.

So this past Saturday I woke up and wanted to get something accomplished. I was on a mission. I was going to deep clean like no man has ever deep cleaned before. I got rolling at about 9AM while my wife *Gertrude was at her basketball game. I started by pulling the oven out from the wall and cleaning out underneath it. I have before and after pics I should have added but I am sure you all now what I found. The funniest part was when Sara and Evan both yelled "COOL", because they found various toys they had previously lost. I swept, then vacuumed, then scrubbed and hand-mopped. After that was finished I moved onto the refrigerator and did the same thing. Pull it out from the wall, watched my kids yell "COOL" and then swept, vacuumed, scrubbed and hand mopped.
I then proceeded to hand scrub all around the baseboards of the kitchen. You know, the part that loads up with junk every time you mop and you always say you'll clean it next time but you never do. Well I did it. As I was making my way around the kitchen I was scrubbing walls, scrubbing underneath the kitchen table, cleaning the exterior of the refrigerator and anything else I could see.

After spending a couple hours in the kitchen I moved to the bathroom. In the meantime my wife came home disappointed that I had not been able to watch her play her game. The last few we went to we ended up watching 3 on 3 and another game where no one showed up so I was sure I wouldn't be missing anything. Turns out, Gertrude had the game of her life and I missed it. She was popping three's, stealing the rock, wheeling and dealing, and I missed it all. I decided to move onto the bathroom and I cleaned behind the toilet where the wild things are. I won't talk about what I found back their, but it wasn't pretty. j/k. I then mopped the bathroom floor with the shark steam mop, and then when I finished, I mopped the kitchen floor as well.

After a small break, I was back to work. We had the kids scrubbing walls with dad because they thought it was fun, I deep cleaned the stairs with the vacuum like I have never done before, vacuumed the front room and went through the whole house with a broom and swept off all the walls. I scrubbed doors, door frames, polls, knobs, picture frames and more. At about 4pm I was about finished. I was beat. Know what Gertrude had to say to me?

So I take it we are not going to get to go look at minivans today???
Sometimes a guy just can't win. (I might have exaggerated a little here, and omitted many of my wife's compliments. Love you Gertrude!)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Facebook Stati (statuses??) Continued...

Misti is inviting everyone over for dinner to celebrate her new facebook status.

(read the cake!)

Gina would update her facebook status but that would mean she would be late for something.

Cassie is making a fantastic apple dip for her favorite brother in law. Well, no, the other one.

Monday, March 2, 2009

What does Ben think your status is?

We had an interesting discussion yesterday at dinner. We were celebrating my wife's parents' anniversary and we got on the topic of facebook and status updates. I thought I would throw a few up here on the old blog. Here goes...

Jeremy is installing a ceiling fan.

Trista is gushing with love for her blessed children (and doing taxes), and wishing she could delete the "is" from her status.

Pace is trying to figure out what 10% of 5 million is (while looking in the he is doing a perfect pushup).

Koy is stuffing himself in the ER cafeteria. I'm trying the liver today.

Taunia is a hater... a haaayyyy ttteerrrr.

Ben is willing to make you your very own Facebook status if you just ask...