Thursday, October 25, 2007

A glimpse at ME

I have often tried to explain why I feel the way I do about the Red Sox. I read this quote from the great singer/songwriter/guitarist James Taylor and he says it well. "As New Englanders, we identify ourselves by a number of things: maple sugar, lobsters, the leaves turning, the Boston Tea Party and the Sox," he said. "It's part of our blood." It's all about the blood. Just ask Curt Schilling.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Simple question, right?

Kids are great. This morning when I was getting Evan dressed for the day I asked him, "Bud, how did you sleep last night?" He said "You wanna see?" He then walked over to his bed and jumped on it to show me "how he slept last night". This was too funny not to share. Kids make you realize that you don't always say what you think you're saying.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Paparazzi Catch "big daddy" With Hands Tied

Ever since rumors leaked stating that "big daddy" was set to release his first book, the demand for anything big daddy has skyrocketed. According to People Magazine, media outlets are offering as much as $100,000 for photos of big daddy in action. "Hollywood and the media are going crazy over big daddy. I would put the demand for him right up there with Britney Spears" said an ET Weekly executive. "He has got what people want". This shot of him caught picking his nose was sold to CNN for $95,000. Various personal items have also been appearing on eBay such as old toothbrushes, gum, and dress socks.

What does big Daddy have going for him that is sending America into a buzz? Matt Lauer of the Today Show on NBC said "He's what most aren't. Britney has major family problems, big daddy has a stable and happy family. Brad Pitt has looks, big daddy doesn't. Schwarzenegger has the bulging muscles, big daddy has the build of a twig. He has all the things we aren't used to talking about in the media. It's refreshing".

What's big daddy's take on all of this? Perhaps he said it best in an exclusive interview with Access Hollywood. He was quoted as saying, "I'm just big daddy".

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Then why sue for money?

For those of you who did not catch the Today Show this morning, take a look at this gentleman in the picture above. He was recently kicked out of a restaurant for being in the ladies bathroom. He is now suing the restaurant. Is that ridiculous or what?? Well, it turns out that this man is not a man, he is a SHE. Nothing about this person gives off any feminine vibe. I was watching the TV this morning and it was mentioned that this mislabeling happens to him, I mean her, quite frequently. I wonder why. My real frustrations are that 1) she knows she dresses like a man, and expects everyone else in society to understand her situation and to accommodate her, and 2) when her lawyer was asked to respond to allegations that the restaurant claims this suit is just about the money, he said "This is not about the money".

Let me just clear something up for all the naive people out there who actually believe junk like that. When someone says, "It's not about the money", what they really are trying to say is "It is ALL about money. Sure there might be an underlying principle I want to fight, but I am in this think because I am greedy and want some dough" I am sick and tired of being part of this litigious society where there is no room for anyone to make a mistake. What happened to forgiveness? President Faust gave his talk on forgiveness for a reason. We all need a little more Amish in us. If someone does something to you, forgive. I don't care if someone spills hot coffee on you, or if the dry cleaner loses your pants, or if you intentionally dress like a man and people don't realize you are a woman. Have a little room in your heart to forgive because it shouldn't be all about the Benjamins baby.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Who wears the pants?

I'm sure we all have our own opinions of who wears the pants in our relationship. Ever wondered what others think? It might be as easy as who's name comes first in conversation. For example, when people talk about us, it's "Ben and Gina". Why is it not "Gina and Ben?" Because I wear the pants. Lets see who else is in charge.

Mom and Dad = votes goes to Taunia
Cameo and Jeremy= Cameo
Trista and Terry= Trista
Koy and Cassie = Koy
Ty and Maria = Ty
Pace and Miranda = Pace (for now-but this will soon be Miranda and Pace)

If any of you "non pant wearers" disagree with the aforementioned theory, it only goes to prove that you are not in charge. Because if you did wear the pants, you would be making theories of your own.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Bell Pleads Guilty

After the defense had requested more time to prepare a case, J. Bell's attorneys came back with nothing. Three weeks worth of preparation led to a guilty plea in Salt Lake's Third District Court on Tuesday. "In further discussions with Mr. Bell, we discovered there was no real chance of presenting a solid case. There are other issues that were not originally apparent when we took on this case" said Bell's attorney. Instead of seeking representation from another party, Bell decided to plead guilty. His attorney continued, "The real issue was not the money, not the race, it starts and ends with a video game." Attempts to speak with Mr. Bell were unsuccessful, however his wife did answer one question. When she was asked what the video game issue was in reference to, she said that Arkell has "consistently beat Bell mercilessly in Madden '07 and the tension between the two had all stemmed from that. " When asked to comment on the Madden story, Arkell would only say "I thank Reggie Bush."