Friday, October 12, 2012


This is the picture I look at every day at work. Can I tell you how lucky I feel? Such wonderful, good looking kids. How about the colors in this pic too? All thanks to my wife who spent months, no joke, picking out the outfits. She made half of the stuff to. Sadly, she forgot to put on her head attire that she was going to wear. 

Speaking of family, I was talking to my wife last night and I realized that I love my kids so much more when they are outside. There are no lists to be completed, no norms of behavior to follow, no things to break (other than bones). I wish I was homeless, that way I would always adore my kids. Ok, so that last part will come true in about a year and we'll see how it goes. Honestly though, there is something about being outside in the open and enjoying your surroundings that makes life so much better. 

Evan and I love to go on fathers and sons campouts. We only have one rule while we are there: Don't die. It makes things so much more relaxing and peaceful. Now if only there were no school, no piano, no messes, no teeth to be brushed, no pajamas to put on, no homework, etc. 

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