Thursday, October 11, 2012

Michael Vick has a dog - do I care?

News. I love it. I really do. Some of this stuff is just so awesome. The fact that Michael Vick, who was jailed for his part in an illegal dog fighting ring, has a new family pet, it warms the heart.

Welcome to the Vick home
I also love hearing about celebrity couples who divorce. Sorry for Tom Cruise and Katie whatever her name is. Did you hear about what Miley Cyrus was wearing at the latest premiere, and oh my goodness did you see her hair? And I couldn't believe that Halle Berry and Alicia Keys wore the same outfit, what were they thinking?

Enough yet?

Back to Michael Vick. According to Vick, the family pet has been adopted and is being shown lots of love. He feels it important that his children learn how to care for the animals and bond with them. That's wonderful, it really is, but how come CNN isn't covering my daughter and the meal worm that she got from school? Yes, yes, I know, because she isn't famous.

I love the news.


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