Sunday, September 23, 2012

Read the Instructions - Nah!

So I don't often brag about my GPA in High School, but today I will. My GPA was...(drumroll please): 2.833. That's right. 2.833. Not 2.83, but 2.833. I feel that extra 3 gives it some more robustness. Now, why in the world would I want to brag about that? Here's why: I did it all without ever reading any directions. For homework, quizzes, tests, I never read the directions. (I don't know why I listed homework, I never really did homework). I just assumed I knew what they were asking. I still pulled off a B average. That's pretty impressive. I bet you couldn't have done that. Sure, you probably got a 4.0, but you knew what the teacher was asking you to do. Easy peasy.

I compare it to being a wonderful bench player in the NBA while being blind. Sure, you might lead the NBA in scoring, but you have your eyesight.


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