Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Through a Child's Eyes

I'm learning how to see again
When I look through my child's eyes

I hold my child close to me
He is mesmerized by the world around him

Each sight is a wonder, each movement full of awe
He is my lens, as I now see what I thought I saw

I'm learning how to see again
The grass is greener than it's ever been

A fluttering bird, the dripping rain
Sunlight upon me, will never be the same

For all's full of wonder
There is no commonplace
Every scene is a marvel
As I consider my child's face

I can see a new world
Once simple, now great joy
All when I look
Through the eyes of my boy

I'm learning how to see again
I'm soaking it all in
Nothing is taken for granted now
I see the world through him

Ben Arkell
May 26, 2010

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At June 3, 2010 at 10:26 PM , Anonymous Trista said...

Wow, you put my thoughts into words. I love seeing the world through my kids' eyes. Everything is new and exciting and noteworthy. Even Disneyland was better seen through their eyes. It's one of my favorite things about being a mom. Thank you!


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