Thursday, October 13, 2011

I've talked a little about the media presenting their story in a biased way and a little about corrupt government. Combining those two I'm going to make a declaration that is going to anger some people, and that's fine. 9/11 was an inside, government orchestrated job. At this point I've probably lost about 90 percent of my readership because you are shaking your heads or rolling your eyes, but let me pose one question to you all:

Who do you think is responsible for 9/11 and why do you think it's them? The reason you think it's Osama bin Laden is because the media has spoon-fed that information to you. That is your only source and the only reason I thought the same way until 2 months ago.

There was a wonderful man names Aaron Russo who has pioneered an effort to help the general public understand the corruption in government. He spent most of his life in politics and spent many years rubbing shoulders with some pretty influential people. Take 10 minutes and watch this interview he did. You'll understand a lot more of the why 9/11 happened. Once you're done, check out the other videos that give more scientific proof that planes didn't take down the WTC.

There are a lot of wonderful, informative documentaries on youtube. One of them is entitled 9/11 Coincidences. There are 19 videos in the series and the first few are a few minutes a piece, while the later ones are about 10 minutes each. Do me a favor and watch the first few videos.


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